Important Contacts

The lists of contacts below may be useful for acoustics graduate students. If you would like to suggest additional contacts to be listed on this page, please reach out to the ASA chapter officers.

Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ricardo Palacios

  • ETC Building & Mechanical Engineering Shop manager
  • Office: ETC 1.214
  • Email:
  • Contact if you need:
    • Quotes on fabrication, machine shop capabilities
    • Building-related assistance NOT covered by WORQS
    • Key requests for ETC labs (email and cc your advisor)

Jessica Dai

  • Admin. Associate, Travel Coordinator
  • Office: ETC 5.218
  • Email:
  • Contact if you need:
    • Help scheduling UT-related travel (conferences)
    • UT Travel-related reimbursements

Terrie Chandler

  • Assistant Director
  • Office: ETC 5.208B
  • Email:
  • Contact if you need:
    • Help finding the right person to go to for help

Kelly Frazer

  • ME Graduate Program Administrator
  • Office: ETC 2.146
  • Email:
  • Contact if you need:
    • General help with graduation requirements
    • Information about course credits, registrations bars, etc.

Ashlee Vrana

Diana Zeigler

  • HR Coordinator
  • Office: ETC 5.214
  • Email:
  • Contact if you need:
    • Help with your tuition bill (tuition waiver for GRA/TA)
    • Help with your Grad. Research Asst./Teaching Asst. assignment stipend

Kelly Smith

  • Technical Shop Coordinator / Shipping and Receiving
  • Office: ETC 1.210A
  • Email:
  • Contact if you need:
    • To pick up a package delivered to ETC
    • Help getting something shipped to ETC

ME Copying Service

  • If you need a poster printed or a large number of sheets copied/stapled, the UT ME office has a copying service.
  • Location: ETC 5.2XX (Multiple rooms in 5th floor admin. suite)
  • Email:

University of Texas at Austin (Not department specific)

Facilities (WORQS)

Student Healthcare