About Us

We are the Austin Student chapter of the Acoustical Society of America. Our goal is to generate, disseminate, and promote the knowledge and practical applications of acoustics throughout Austin and the surrounding areas of Southeast Texas. We are actively involved with community outreach by using demonstrations that represent basic acoustic ideas to children of nearby schools, as well as to the general public.

You can check out our recent activities and announcements, meet our officers, and sign up for our newsletter. A list of current students and recent alumni can also be found on the Texas Acoustics website

If you would like to contact us about having an acoustics demonstration at your school or business, email us at: austinacousticalsociety@gmail.com

Engineering Teaching Center (ETC)

204 E. Dean Keeton St. Austin, TX 78712

Chapter Activities

Our meetings consist of ‘Acoustical Ask-Me-Anything’, professional development, graduate skills, facility tours, and social events. For more information, see the descriptions below!

Community Outreach

We annually participate in Girl Day on UT’s campus. Girl Day is an event where girls from schools in the surrounding area come to UT to learn about STEM fields. We also participate in Explore UT where kids, families, and community members come to campus to learn about what UT has to offer. We also volunteer at nearby schools and organizations by setting up acoustics demonstrations on some occasions, project consulting for the administrations. Our demos include  Chladni PlatesWhirly TubeSympathetic ResonatorsRubber Band HarmonicasWaves on a StringDoppler BallHelmholtz Resonators and tours of the university’s Anechoic Chamber.


Acoustical Ask-Me-Anything (AMA)

Acoustical AMAs are a chance for the chapter members to ask questions of invited acoustic professionals, academics, and experts about careers, life choices, or anything that comes to mind! Interested in being a speaker? Feel free to contact us at austinacousticalsociety@gmail.com.


Graduate Skills Seminars

A lot of valuable skills are learned in the process of an individual’s research or job that may not be taught in a classroom. These seminars offer a chance for knowledgeable graduate students, faculty, and experts to present on a skill set that may be useful to the chapter’s members. Some seminars have included science related topics like: Finite Element Modeling and COMSOL, signal processing, and automated testing. Others topics have been more general for students’ lives like: personal finances, how to graduate, funding opportunities, and becoming a professor. Interested in sitting in on a seminar? Sign up for our mailing list!

Professional Development

The hard work of our students and our highly qualified faculty and staff in Acoustics here at UT makes our graduates strongly sought after in the professional and academic worlds upon completing degrees. Professional development meetings gives companies a chance to come in and explain what it’s like to work for them and opporunities available within their organization. We also get job opportunities sent to us from companies  through email or faculty messages and relay that information to our mailing list through our newsletter.

Social Events

The UT ASA has a strong camaraderie and regularly has social events. These get-togethers include weekly happy hours, pizza parties, group-watch movie days, and our annual UT football tailgate.