Several students from the Austin ASA recently attended the 186th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, which was held in Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada. Our student members had a great experience, with visits to Parliament Hill and many informative presentations. Abstracts presented by students at the conference are listed below:

Branch Archer et al. – “Reconstructing the source condition for focused shear wave beams in soft elastic media”
Alicia Casacchia et al. – “The effect of salinity on the rigidity and settling behavior of reconstituted water-saturated kaolinite sediments”
Alicia Casacchia et al. – “Cryoprotectant agent characterization via acoustical and optical analyses”
Nathan Cloud et al. – “Accurate and computationally-efficient basis function generation using physics informed neural networks”
Chirag Gokani et al. – “Effects of increasing orbital number on the field transformation in focused vortex beams”
Phillip Kaufinger et al. – “Predicting second-harmonic generation in shear wave beams in tissue-mimicking phantoms”
AJ Lawrence et al. – “Numerical extraction of three-dimensional acoustic polarizabilities for acoustically-small scatterers”
Alexandra Litvinov et al. – “Probing layer interface behavior in Lithium-ion batteries via concurrent ultrasonic and modal measurements”
Brittany McCollom et al. – “Strong diffraction of nonlinear surface acoustic waves in crystals”

A collection of photographs from the conference can also be found below:

(From the Canadian War Museum)