Austin ASA students recently attended the 185th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, which was held all the way down in Sydney, Australia! This was a great opportunity for several students to connect with other acousticians from around the world, in addition to exploring the many sights Sydney had to offer, petting koalas, and eating some kangaroo burgers. Thank you to the ASA for travel funding through the Down Under Funder, which supported multiple students from UT Austin. Abstracts presented by students at the conference are listed below:

Dante Garcia et al. – “In situ measurements of sediment shear wave speed from the New England Mud Patch and shelf break areas using the Acoustic Coring System”
Chirag Gokani et al. – “Reciprocity, passivity, and causality in fully coupled acousto-electrodynamic media”
Chirag Gokani et al. – “Growth rates of harmonics in nonlinear vortex beams”
Philip Kaufinger et al. – “Evaluation of the Fresnel approximation for the longitudinal particle displacement in shear wave beams”
Tyler McGee et al. – “Modal Analysis of Lithium-ion Batteries for Estimation of State of Charge and State of Health”
Sam Parker et al. – “Asymmetric elastic wave scattering in elastic plates”
William Willis et al. – “Applications of intrinsic coordinates for simulation of thin shocks in relaxing media”
William Willis et al. – “Convolutional neural networks for tracking coalescing waveforms in supersonic jet noise”

A collection of photographs from the conference can be found below: