Our student chapter is happy to announce the graduation of several members over the past academic year:

Masters Graduates
Dante Garcia – Fall 2023 – “In Situ Measurements of Compressional and Shear Wave Speed and Compressional Wave Attenuation using the Acoustic Coring System”
Akash Nivarthi – Spring 2024 – “Multiscale Modeling and Characterization of Additively Manufactured Materials”

Doctoral Graduates
Tyler McGee – Fall 2023 – “Ultrasonic and Vibrational Methods to Determine Changes of State of Lithium-ion Cells”
Samuel Parker – Fall 2023 – “Asymmetric Scattering in Elastic Waveguides with Applications to Nondestructive Evaluation and Acoustic Metamaterials”
William Willis – Spring 2024 – “Coalescence of Nonlinear Acoustic Waves, with Application to Supersonic Jet Noise”

Thank you to our graduates for contributing to our student chapter and student life in the acoustics program, particularly those who served as officers! Best of luck on your next endeavors, wherever that may take you!