Students from the UT Austin Acoustics program recently had the opportunity to take a trip “across the pond” for the 22nd International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics (ISNA) held in Oxford, England. Several students presented their work on projects related to nonlinear acoustics, with full abstracts available in the ISNA symposium program. A list of student abstracts is also provided below:

Alicia Casacchia et al. – “Toward material characterization using multibubble sonoluminescence”
Chirag Gokani et al. – “Born approximation of acoustic radiation force used for acoustofluidic separation”
Thomas Jerome et al. – “Born approximation of acoustic radiation force and torque”
Brittany McCollom et al. – “Modeling of nonlinear torsional wave propagation in a thin circular rod with Lagrangian
Blake Simon et al. – “Acoustic radiation force on objects near boundaries”
William Willis et al. – “Measurement and visualization of coalescence resulting from two nonlinear spherical
wavefronts intersecting in air”

UT current and alumni acousticians in Oxford, from left to right: Xiaofen Hamilton, Mark Hamilton, Thomas Jerome, John Cormack, Alicia Casacchia, Blake Simon, William Willis, Michael Haberman