ASA Student Chapter General Meeting

Friday, Oct 7 at 3 PM in ETC 4.150

Hi everyone,

Hatch chile has yielded to pumpkin spice at HEB, so that means Fall is right around the corner!

This week, we have a general meeting on campus and organizational safety and inclusion. This has to be presented to the complete organization membership, so I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Some upcoming events:

  1. On Oct. 21, Dr. Stephanie Konarski will be doing an AMA with us. Dr. Konarski graduated in Dec. 2017 from the UT Acoustics program, advised by Dr. Haberman and Dr. Hamilton. They have worked at the Naval Research Lab and are an active member of the ASA, so this will be a great opportunity to how some of our former students have navigated life post-graduation.
  2. The Fourth Inaugural Austin Acoustical Society of America Student Chapter Tailgate is back! An official announcement will be sent out shortly, but the date will be Saturday, November 12th for the UT vs. TCU game.
  3. Meetings for the rest of the year may include AMAs with representatives of Arup, grad skills seminars on reference managers and machine shop training, and spooky Halloween movies played at a ghoulish 2x speed.

As always, please reach out if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

Hook ’em!

-Sam, Chair