Students from the Austin ASA recently attended the 183rd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Nashville, TN. In addition to eating hot chicken and enjoying live music on Broadway Street, UT students made new connections with ASA members at other universities and presented their own research. Abstracts presented by students at the conference are listed below:

Matthew Casali et al. – “Impedance tube method for characterization of one-dimensional electro-momentum coupled materials
Chirag Gokani et al. – “Physical acoustics homework problems written by students: Undisciplined, irreverent, and original
Chirag Gokani et al. – “Analytical solution for a focused vortex beam radiated by a Gaussian source
A.J. Lawrence et al. – “Modular speaker design enabled by multi-material additive manufacturing
Zihuan Liu et al. – “Measurement of airborne ultrasound using laser Doppler vibrometry
Tyler McGee et al. – “Ultrasonic damage detection in Lithium-ion batteries subjected to localized heating
Tyler McGee et al. – “A model-driven approach to ultrasonic detection of state of charge in Lithium-ion batteries
Yuqi Meng et al. – “Experimental characterization of high intensity progressive ultrasound beams in air
Xiaoyu Niu et al. – “MEMS microphones as ultrasonic transducers
Sam Parker et al. – “A technique for measurement of ultrasonic waves propagating in time-varying media
Sam Parker et al. – “Time-varying elastic wave mode conversion in vibrating elastic beams with subwavelength nonlinearity
William Willis et al. – “Analysis of spark-generated waveforms coalescing in air using schlieren imaging

We would also like to highlight the abstract “Graduate acoustics education in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin” by Megan Ballard et al. which discussed the instruction in acoustics at UT Austin.

A collection of photographs from the conference can be found below:

From left to right: Zihuan Liu, Yuqi Meng, Prof. Mark Hamilton, Xiaoyu Niu, Ehsan Vatankhah



UT’s William Willis (back left, green shirt) explores Nashville with ASA students from around the world