Acoustical Ask-Me-Anything

with Dr. Stephanie Konarski

Friday, Oct 21 in ETC 4.150 at 3 PM

The Acoustical AMA series allows current students to meet with acoustical professionals in an informal setting and pick their brains concerning all things acoustics and related career paths.

This Friday, we have the opportunity to talk with a graduate of UT acoustics, Dr. Stephanie Konarski. Dr. Konarski graduated from the UT Acoustics program in Dec. 2017 (advised by Dr. Haberman and Dr. Hamilton) and has worked at the Naval Research Laboratory in the fields of metamaterials and characterization of complex media.

This is a great chance to chat with very successful graduate of our program, so please come with questions. I will be running this meeting, so if you have questions but do not feel comfortable asking you can forward them to me and I can ask them.

Note that Dr. Konarski will be joining us via Zoom, but we will be having the meeting in person. If you are unable to attend in person, let me know and we can make accommodations.